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We design and make your applications

Your customers have changed

We still do not know each other, but from the outset we can tell you the following:

In the space of a few years only, your customers have changed faster than at any other time in History.

Your customers are connected to one another.
Your customers are well informed.
Your customers choose.
Your customers have power.

Your company no longer deals with consumers but with individuals..

Your customers no longer buy a product or a service.

Your customers buy an extraordinary experience.

A personal experience.
An immediate experience.
A high added value experience.
A memorable service experience.

You have to develop this service experience.
You have to build up and maintain a new type of relationship.
You have to rethink your business in all its elements.

We make the applications you need..

What we do

We consider ourselves "problem solvers". We develop solutions which respond specifically to problems encountered by our customers.


We analyse your issues with the eyes of an entrepreneur. Our experience of SME and our IT experience combined enable us to provide you with most suitable solution while focusing on efficiency. Bespoke services at a competitive price.


Everyone hates "kludges". Whatever application we develop for you, our priority objective will be to make things simple to use efficiently on a daily basis. Our aim, always, is to simplify your and your colleagues' life.


We are proud to offer an exceptional level of customer service, not only through the applications that we supply but with our availability to meet your expectations and anticipate these at all times.

Some projects

Here are some projects demonstrating the very wide spectrum of the sectors in which we operate. Scroll down the images to know more.

audreco project


E-commerce and E-learning platform (LMS) of Audreco School

checkindog project


A Management and Marketing platform intended for pet care services professionals

bluerocktel project


xDSL and telephone services analysis and invoicing platform

bluerock background

Working together

Begin by discussing your project or, more specifically, the problem that you wish to solve, with us. In order to thoroughly understand the nature of the problem, we may have to ask you lots of questions. We will quickly send you a technical and financial quotation. Development begins as soon as terms have been agreed between us.

Contact us

What about discussing your projects?

Audreco Online

E-commerce and E-learning platform (LMS) of Audreco School (École des Métiers de l'Animal de Compagnie)


eCommerce, eLearning.

AUDRECO ONLINE is intended for pet lovers who wish to acquire skills, associated with this professional sector. The general public will find information related to various businesses and the various training courses offered on AUDRECO ONLINE.

A visitor to the site is invited to create a free account giving them access to more complete information, to eBooks related to the various business lines and to initiation training courses.

On AUDRECO ONLINE it is possible to register for one of the programs offered and to have access to online courses as soon as registration has been validated by means of a secure payment.

AUDRECO ONLINE offers all the functionalities expected from a modern open and online training platform: automatic correction and recording of results, of progress made by students, of connection times, etc.

The platform also enables customers of the École des Métiers de l'Animal de Compagnie to acquire eBooks and to have secure access thereto from the platform. It is also possible to purchase books and professional material


Check-in DOG

A Management and Marketing platform intended for pet care services professionals

check-in dog

The CHECK-IN DOG platform is designed for pet care services professionals (dog groomers, dog trainers...), the objective being to enable them to save time and money. Thanks to CHECK-IN DOG, using a single application, these professionals can avail of all functionalities required for the management of their activity.

It enables them to win new customers, to manage existing customers and their animals easily, to create and find their appointments in just a few clicks, to manage their sales, invoices and stocks.

The application also manages appointment reminders (via email or SMS) and incorporates tools to communicate easily with customers, as well as numerous marketing tools.

CHECK-IN DOG was introduced at the 2016 Web Summit in the Start-Up Alpha program. Available in several languages, the application attracts an increasing number of users month after month.



xDSL and telephone services analysis and invoicing platform


Analysis, Invoicing, Automatic Invoicing.

The BLUEROCKTEL solution is intended for all companies invoicing telephone and xDSL access services.

It is used by several leading companies involved in the distribution of xDSL and OVH telephone services.

BLUEROCKTEL provides all common functionalities of a CRM: third party (prospects and customers) management, customer relationship management, monitoring of customer installations and incident ticket management.

Automated invoicing is the key functionality: the solution automatically searches for elements to be invoiced and non-package calls calculated according to the parameters entered. Final customers receive clear and detailed invoices

Thereafter, the solution allows debit files to be generated in accordance with SEPA standards and to monitor payments due accurately. Just as simply, sales and settlement entries are sent to accounts.

Lastly, BLUEROCKTEL allows margins to be analysed in details: customer by customer, file by file, service by service.